Fashion's Furry Friends

Meet their miniature muses

You know that theory about owners resembling their pets? Adrien Brody-types with a greyhound in tow; elegant white-haired ladies flanked by Bichons who look like they’ve just emerged from under a hood dryer; or, you know, Cher.

That may not be the case for these fashion designers and their menageries of poodles, parrots and Pomeranians—but they certainly share the same style philosophies.

Take Audrey Versace, for example. Donatella’s Jack Russell terrier enjoys the finer things in life: sporting eponymous canine couture, lounging in a leopard print bed and indulging in daily oil treatments. “Audrey is not a dog,” Donatella explains. Got it?

Meanwhile, Birman kitty Choupette Lagerfeld holds a Master’s degree in art history and sports tiny CHANEL sunglasses at all times to protect her 20/20 night vision. This is only a slight exaggeration. Choupette does have her own iPad and two personal maids, one for night and one for day—you can’t expect Karl to spoon Whiskas into a cat bowl?

Then there are the pets who actually are four-legged mini-muses to their masters.

Like Jason Wu’s cats Peaches and Jinxy—a.k.a. “the babies”—who were the Edies to his Andy while designing his Target collection (#TBT to the cutest tagline ever: ‘Mischief is in the details’.)

Or Bean Altuzarra. The miniature schnauzer is equipped with a tiny version of his owner Joseph’s hooded parka—you know, for when they’re not snuggled up in the same crewneck. Be still our hearts. Or Carolina Herrera and her beloved toy poodle Gaspar, who was immortalized in puppy-print for her shirtdresses and bags in 2012. (He’s also bilingual. Ugh, some dogs.)

…Okay, so that thing about designers and their pets only dressing alike? We take it back. Roberto Cavalli and Oro may be the exception—it’s just uncanny. “He is adorable,” Cavalli tweeted. “He has a nose like mine!”

Side note: If this didn’t elicit enough Awws for your liking, we recommend you follow up with a healthy dose of Boo and Buddy. We’re willing to bet they’re cuter than anything else you might be ogling right now. That would be you, coworkers.

*Note the use of humanizing pronouns—pets are children. We get it.

—Chelsey Burnside


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