Terry Knows Best

Meet the beauty guru behind our latest olfactory obsession.

Meet your new obsessions—Rêve Opulent and Parti Pris.... Read More

We make no bones about our loyalty to all things ByTerry, which, for the uninitiated, is only the very best brand for highlighting and bronzing, among other complexion-perfecting necessities. It just so happens to be headed up by the inventor of Yves Saint Laurent's now-iconic Touche Éclat (no, seriously), Terry de Gunzburg. To put it lightly: girl doesn't mess around.

...That is, unless you fall in love with Ombre Mercure... Read More

There's a reason why Gunzberg's eponymous line has become a cult favorite among everyone who has even the slightest appreciation for a little brightening in all the right places. It's the exact same reason why we're exactly so excited for the launch of her own line of fragrances—excuse us, Haute Perfumerie—exclusively at Barneys New York. The five fragrances, (that would be Rêve Opulent, Parti Pris, Lumière d’Epices, Ombre Mercure and Flagrant Délice) couldn't be more in line with the rest of Gunzberg's stamps on the world of beauty: incredibly personal, elegant, and everything that we want right now. Run, don't walk. 


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