The Coveteur Does Cabo

Because what happens in Mexico, doesn't always stay in Mexico.

If you've been keeping up with The Coveteur on Instagram (and we mean, if you're not, what are you waiting for?), you may have been feeling slightly, ahem, resentful as of late—especially those of you in the perpetual winter that is the East Coast. The reason? We recently made a post-Fashion Month jaunt to Cabo (followed by an especially eventful weekend in Puerto Rico, but, we'll save that for another time), for a little fun, sun and daytime adult beverages. Oh, and enough guacamole to feed a small country.

It also doesn't exactly hurt when the whole thing is hosted by Elyse Walker and her friends—and after the week we had, we can say with complete confidence that there are more than a few perks to having your own eponymous boutique when going on vacation. We mean, do Valentino, Givenchy and Isabel Marant (and that's just for starters) ring a bell at all? What about Alexander McQueen scarves and Mary Katrantzou sundresses? Yeah, we thought that would help you get the point.

And while Instagram may say otherwise, we solemnly swear it wasn't all play and no work—we mean, we did get a few CrossFit and yoga classes in there too, you guys. And in between a perfectly picturesque dinner at the all-organic-everything, farm-to-table Flora Farms, a few boating trips out on the ocean, and, truthfully, more than our fair share of tequila (what? we wanted an authentic experience!); we like to think we saw and did the very best of Cabo. While we may now be very much back to reality (read: hot coffee in lieu of iced, and approximately zero lunchtime Coronas and fish tacos) at least we have the photos to prove it all went down, right? Consider this our postcard. Good thing what happens in Cabo doesn't always stay in Cabo—well at least, not all of it.



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