The World According To Yale Breslin


By now, you probably know what we’re currently coveting (i.e. skinny rings, the perfect shade of red lipstick, the Russian fash pack, etc.) but we made it our mission to find out what he – Cov-alum and contributor – Yale Breslin is lusting for… and petitioning against. While it seems we may share a similar love for GIRLS – remember when we waxed poetic about our love for Lena Dunham? – it appears Breslin’s love is for Hannalijah’s other half. Is a playdate with Andrew Rannells really too much to ask? Read on:

1. A LIVING ROOM – I love everything about New York (including my apartment), but I wish my living space was bigger; a lot bigger. The thought of entertaining and having a big dinner party would be really nice, but sadly, my apartment can’t accommodate it….yet. Now that I think about it, I hate people touching my things, being in my space, and the clean-up. Maybe my one bedroom is perfect after all?

2. AMAN RESORTS – Make that “AMAN”… anything – Amangiri, Amanyara. Amen brother! 

3. MASSAGES EVERY DAY – I had my first massage three years ago. Since then, I’m hooked, and it’s one of the only ways in which I’ll treat myself. It’s a luxury… and I can’t get enough of them. Great Jones Spa is my spot. 

4. DON’T BE F*CKING LATE – I love my friends dearly. I do. But I can’t stand tardiness. It’s rude! It ruins dinner reservations, movie times and my mood. I’m mixing things up here: instead of listing something I want, I’d live to give those late people I know oh-too-well a watch. Or a heightened sense of awareness. I like this one. Don’t be late for Ralphy.

5. A LIBRARY – I used to dream of having one of those epic home libraries. You know, the ones with the ladder that rolls across the room? Fill it up with Taschen, Assouline and Rizzoli titles.

6. LAZERWOOD KEYBOARD – This is everything.

7. HANG TIME WITH ANDREW RANNELLS – Rannells, you’re perfect. I think I could see us long-term together. I'd mellow you out, and you’d bring out the humor in me. Right? Right?

8. FOUNTAIN DIET COKE MACHINE – It’s a vice. Stop judging.

9. LOUIS VUITTON SCARF – I’ve always wanted this. I think it’s actually a blanket. Double the use; double the value.

10. A HOME COOKED MEAL – Mom! Help!

- Yale Breslin

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