Throwback Miu Miu Campaigns

The advertising genius of Miuccia Prada, Take II.

While we've previously waxed poetic on the advertising and creative genius of Miuccia Prada, we figured it was about time we showed as much love to the former half of the designer's moniker as much as we have the latter. Translation? We want to talk Miu Miu— more specifically, the brand's campaigns. After all, it's the brand that basically birthed an entire fleet of fashion-y folks outfitted with campy costume jewelry, sweetly offbeat prints and patterns and very sparkly shoes (just check Kaley Cuoco or Chiara Ferragni's closets.)

Initially introduced introduced as the kind of younger, more whimsical little sister to the house that Prada built, Miu Miu's campaigns have been fronted by everyone from Katie Holmes to Lindsay Lohan to a decidedly '90s daisies-in-hair-era Drew Barrymore—you know, a veritable who's who of the fashion world. And taking a look back at their campaigns thus far is a bit like taking a waltz down virtual memory lane. Remember the brand's Spring 2010 show (and Lindsey Wixson's subsequent debut) in all of it's jewel-encrusted swallow/naked lady/cat-print glory? Remember that time a Larry Clark-tinged Chloë Sevigny was one of the brand's first ever faces, only to make a campaign come back nearly two decades later for Fall 2012? Although we're all guilty of one time or another spelling it "Mui Mui" (admit it, we've all been there), we're also all guilty of going to far distances to get one of those kitty-printed collars; props to Harley Viera Newton for succeeding.

Now, let's take a sparkly-heeled walk down memory lane. Shall we?

Audrey Marnay

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Natalie Joos

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Stephanie Lacava

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Tabitha Simmons

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Louise Roe

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Natalie Joos

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