Varsity Blues

Making our letterman jacket fantasies a reality.

Remember when you used to sling your boyfriend’s letterman jacket over a shoulder post-cheerleading practice?

No? Yeah, neither do we. Luckily for those of us whose high school experiences were more Never Been Kissed than She’s All That (and to the delight of our boyfriend-free, braces-full ninth grade selves), you no longer need to date Freddie Prinze Jr. to get your paws on a varsity jacket. Preferably one that comes in smaller appropriations, because—let’s be honest here—nobody looks cute drowning in a quarterback’s made-to-measure.

It’s basically the even more laidback cousin of the leather jacket—laden with “this-old-thing?” appeal and just enough ‘90s nostalgia to satisfy our cravings for Dazed and Confused. Bonus: no need to rock your less-than-flattering school colors (we’ll take Phillip Lim florals instead, please and thanks).

...Now if only these beauties were awarded for non-athletic achievements. May we suggest varsity Scrabble-tournament jackets? Varsity Visa-paid-on-time jackets? Varsity Cov-alum jackets? (You knew that C didn’t really stand for Captain, didn’t you?)

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