Vintage Ashtrays

Smoking kills. Buying vintage ashtrays only damages your bank account.

Despite our love of those mid-90's snaps of Kate Moss, we're hardly the type to encourage (nevermind enable) a nicotine habit. While we prefer not to get preachy, what's the point of dropping dollars on fancy anti-aging (hey, it's preventative) lotions and potions only to bombard skin with a bunch of toxic s#!t? 

And though we can't really vouch for actual, you know, smoking, we can't exactly deny our affinity for ashtrays. We've seen our fair share of ruby red trays by Hermès, as well as Supreme's send-up of the iconic motif, in the homes of everyone from Ben Baller to Erin Wasson. But the two people we point to for our propelling our expensive addiction (buying trays for décor is totally okay, right?): Rachel Zoe and decor king Ryan Korban; both of whom's spaces are incomplete without a few (dozen) trays scattered throughout.  Zoe's mirrored coffee table was adorned with ones by Gucci, while Korban describes his collection as bordering on "obsession". 

"My collection is becoming a problem. I have actually stopped myself for a bit. They are in every corner, cabinet and crack of my apartment. Some are Italian '70s, some are French '30s, there are Lucite ones, glass ones, chromes ones, porcelain ones, Versace, Hermès, Cartier. They all have a story; some good and actually some bad." Korban confessed to us. 

Say you've taken to hoarding antique ashtrays, but are stumped as far as how to actually incorporate them into your home without like you're missing the point entirely? With a little visual inspiration from our Covs, we think we've more or less nailed the technique. We suggest styling them as part of vignettes on your coffee tables and bookshelves; mixing them with other décor items and even using them as trays to display jewelry and smaller knick knacks. And if your friends try to actually, you know, use them? They have another thing coming.

Natalie Joos

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Natalie Joos

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