ISAORA Inspiration Trip

Designers. New York

Boys road trip! What happens when you pile our (very handsome) photog, Jake, Marc Daniels and Ricky Hendry of ISAORA into a supped-up Mercedes Sprinter (well-equipped with WiFi and Apple TV, bien sûr) and drive down the West Coastfor an inspiration trip? Well, we’ll show you.

“We loved the idea of a road trip where we would travel through different landscapes, conditions and climates and be able to put various ISAORA products to the test and tell the brand story," they told us.

So what exactly went down? "Deserted, otherworldly beaches in the Pacific Northwest, a private tour of Nike HQ, hiking in the redwoods in torrential rain, a perfect powder day at Mammoth Mountain, high desert weirdness in Joshua Tree, partying at the W San Diego , and many more... some of which must remain classified!"

Here’s what we can reveal, though. After checking in and getting in a few winks over at the W Seattle, the boys drove up to Mt. Baker for a full day of snowboarding before heading to Seattle to visit the holy Nike campus. That night, the boys went a little rogue and camped out, drinking beer around the fire. (When in woods, right?) A few pit stops and Air Museum later—boys and their toys, right?— they found themselves at Redwood National Park. After hiking and treking, it was on the road again for another 12 hours (yes, really) to get to San Fran. Driving through twisty, winding mountainside roads in the pouring rain, Daniels and Hendry kicked back and took in movies in the back.

“It was really a great opportunity for us to think about a versatile, functional wardrobe that would look great and perform flawlessly in a range of conditions. More than any particular aesthetic influence I think this is what we took away from the trip.”

Sometime around 1am they hit the Golden Gate bridge and found their safe haven: The W San Francisco. Let's just say warm beds kind of beat the cold, hard ground, okay?

PS: To see the rest of the designers' inspiration trips in our collab with W Hotels and CFDA {Fashion Incubator}, click here! Now boarding, #WCFDA!



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