Birthday Series

Happy Birthday, Cara Delevingne!

Amazing eyebrows not included.

No one does contrast quite like Cara Delevingne. From her signature light hair/dark brows, to her almost exclusively black-and-white ensembles, right down to her Instagram account that bounces between gamine and goofball, Delevingne is a veritable style ying-yang. You know, the kind of girl who casually slings an arm over Karl Lagerfeld’s shoulder one day and snaps a selfie with bird poo on her face the next.

Our favourite tweezer-eschewing supermodel (and probably the only person who can pull the lip-curl with more ironic angst than Miley) will be universally legal this month. And if Delevingne’s antics are any indication, her 21st birthday bash will be the biggest black-and-white affair since the Laguna Beach premiere. We’re thinking the procession of grungy snapbacks and graphic (er, vaguely pornographic) singlets will be one to watch. 

In honor of the Londoner’s coming of age, we grabbed our best beanies and brow gel and plucked out the crème-de-la-crème vingne of Cara-inspired attire—think biker boots, Brian Lichtenberg, and Beetlejuice overalls. Go nuts.

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