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What to Wear: To Your Hangover

Open bar? We got your back.

We’ve all been there. A few too many dolla-dolla-bills dropped at the bar last Friday night (danced on tabletops, took too many shots, you know the routine) and an obligation to look presentable the next morning. Unfortunately, that sweet nectar (tequila) tends to drain all signs of intelligent life from your face overnight. And after a few “get any sleep?” comments, it becomes all too apparent that last night’s escapades are written all over your face. Damage control time.

It’s all about finding that happy medium that feels like pajamas but looks a little more I-have-my-sh*t-together—Olsen-twinning, essentially. Lucky for you and your hungover ass, there is many an almost-sweatpant-but-not slouchy pant option with your name on it. Pair them with easy basics—printed tees, sneakers and sweatshirts are our go-to’s when we simply can’t be bothered with time-consuming zippers (precious seconds wasted!). Pack necessities like a baseball cap (let’s get real here—it’s not a going to be a good hair day) and face wipes, for the inevitable moment when you’ll find day-old eyeliner smudged in a not-so-Mila-Kunis kind of way. Conceal telltale raccoon eyes with a few swipes of YSL’s Touche Éclat (lifesaver), or by sporting sunglasses with lenses the circumference of last night’s mini-pitcher. Accessorize with a Venti to-go cup to shield your face when you spot someone you know. No interactions today, please. Not today.

Natalie Joos

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Stephanie Lacava

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Natalie Joos

You may also like Natalie Joos


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