Karl Lagerfeld, 1982

When They Were Young

Our favorite designers back in the day.

If you looked at this headline and felt the sudden overwhelming urge to untag before even seeing what it was all about, let’s just say you’re not alone.

We blame those weekly #TBT hashtaggers whose notifications never fail to make your stomach drop (inevitably, these people are those who frolicked right on through their tween years with only a short-lived and seemingly undocumented awkward phase—six months of braces? Please.). A note to the hashtag-happy: no one wants to reminisce over a pre-bra-discovery seventh-grade photo that features pom-pom hair baubles. NO ONE.

Needless to say, we promise little-to-no embarrassment this time around—mainly because when you’re sifting through favorite-designer nostalgia, it’s more of a who’s-who of 1994 Vogue than it is a sepia-toned cringefest (dance recital glam shots, we’re looking at you).

Well, most of them that is.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Marc Jacobs’ dalmatian outfit and matching four-legged stance? Or how Valentino appears to have been swigging the same mystical anti-age potion as Pharrell (that hair!). Or Zac Posen’s oversized overalls. Or Alexander Wang’s adorable curly surfer-boy locks. Or, la pièce de resistance, Karl Lagerfeld’s plunging one-piece and Sports Illustrated pose, sans sunnies? Swimsuit Edition, we’ve found your next cover.

— Chelsey Burnside


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