Yasmin Sewell

Fashion & Retail Consultant. New York

"If you own something this special, you need to wear it… all the time,” fashion consultant, Yasmin Sewell said as she toyed around with the chocolate leather strap of the Louis Vuitton Tote Monogram in
in her lap.

“I’m not the kind of person that buys a new bag every season. I’m not really an 'It Bag' kind of girl. I’m the kind of person who every few years will fall in love with something that I want to have for the rest of my life and hand down to my children; this is exactly the kind of bag this is. When I buy something like this, I wear it all the time.”

Although born in Australia and based in London (East London, to be exact), Sewell’s poise, sophistication and confidence could easily have her mistaken for an Upper East Side-r; just as long as she doesn’t start talking and using phrases like “I’ll give you a ring!” or “Cheers!” (Easy giveaway!) But Sewell’s more of the “new Uptown Girl,” which she describes as being dramatically different than your stereotypical ladies-who-lunch-in-a-three-piece-tweed-suit-with-silk-white-gloves-and-pearls. “It’s a woman who has a career, knows what she likes, who is successful and who is comfortable in her own skin. Maybe she’s a parent or has a family and is doing her best to manage all those things… and always trying to look pretty in her dresses!” Exhibit A, ladies and gentleman.

After hailing a cab, we headed to one of Sewell’s favorite places in the city: Central Park. We stopped to grab a salty pretzel (yes, this girl eats carbs!) before Sewell took us on a picturesque stroll through the park, showing us her secret hideaways and hangouts. After looking all ethereal in a tree (you know, just another day at the office), she guided us through the busy, bustling streets stopping traffic and passerbys.

“I love your outfit! You look amazing!” two ladies on Madison squealed as Sewell strolled by. (Seriously; we can’t make this stuff up.)

“I love the energy of New York,” Sewell told us. “I love how strangers in the street will come up to you and say, ‘Hey! You look really cute in that dress!’” And, truth be told, she did.


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