Gift Guide Series

Gift Guide: Your Uncle(s)

What to get the only relatives who speak your language.

If you look closely at the sea of 3D Christmas sweaters that is your annual family holiday card, you’ll spot two outliers who look like they were photoshopped out of GQ. Think Modern Family’s Cam and Mitchell, but better haircuts and decked in Tom Ford.

The highlight of your Christmas is staying up with them playing Scrabble while you gossip about your cousin’s rapid weight loss (lipo or liquid diet?). That and watching them out-sass your ultra-conservative great aunt after she’s had a bit too much mulled wine. And no matter how many serums and sprays you use, their hair will always look better than yours (but you forgive them, cause they’re the best).

More importantly, they never seem to grow out of dressing better than you. Scoping out a present worthy of their walk-in is a tall order, not just because of their expensive taste, but because year after year, they always manage to get you something spot-on (gift unto others as you would have them gift to you, or whatever that saying is).

On the bright side, this is your opportunity to buy every men’s product you’ve been trying to convince your boyfriend he needs, but he thought was 'too shiny' or 'smelled fruity'. Which he’ll then see on these dapper dudes and change his mind. It’s basically a self-fulfilling taste prophecy (everybody wins!). 

For the uncle who doesn’t leave the house without a little something sparkly, think along the lines of a set of embellished Tateossian London cufflinks for day, or a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti gold high-tops for night (read: when you sneak out to the bar after the rest of the fam passes out at the crack of 9:30 - party animals). And for the uncle who’s more the Wall Street type, opt for a Tumi briefcase to tote around their necessities without blending into the sea of suits, or brightly colored Stolen Riches laces to spice up his Lanvin brogues (because he isn’t the type who just settles for the laces that come with the shoes, after all). 

And because they’re by far your best-smelling relatives (and the only ones who are on your side about opting to invest in skin care products rather than mutual funds), pick them up Kiehl’s Papaya Pineapple Facial Scrub or Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant—you know which one gets which, right?

 — Chelsey Burnside

Tateossian London cufflinks, Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, Tumi briefcase, Tom Ford glasses, Stolen Riches shoelaces, courtesy of Harry Rosen.

 Holt Renfrew.


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